Radioactive Playlist


BUTTERFLY - India Arie

India Arie is such a gifted artist. Her songs are so fitting for different phases of what I go through in my life. Today, Easter Monday I end my isolation. The butterfly is symbolic in so many ways. The first one is obvious with the naming of this website Blue Butterfly (blue is my favourite colour). Secondly, the thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly. I began to journal about my journey while I was in the hospital for my total thyroidectomy (removal of my thyroid). Next, this healing time, especially during the isolation when I was "cocooned" in my home and away from other people, I can emerge today like a butterfly must do from its chrysalis (cocoon). While in the cocoon, the butterfly goes through changes and transformation, like the breaking down (surgery, radiation) and healing that I am going through. Lastly, the isolation period took place over Easter weekend. For Christians, on Easter Sunday it is celebrated that Christ emerged from the tomb after being dead. He reappears to his apostles transformed and is assumed (taken up) into heaven. Easter is often symbolized by chicks emerging from eggs, animals being born in the springtime, and also butterflies exiting their cocoons. All signs of new life!


Find TG
Aside from the fact that these amateurs butchered this song, it is funny if you understand what is Tg. Tg or thyroglobulin is the protein which is synthesized by thyroid cells. If you have a total thyroidectomy (TT or total removal of thyroid gland) and radiation like me, the surgeon and endocrinologist want to make sure as many thyroid cancer cells have been killed as possible. A good Tg result is 0. I will have my Tg levels checked periodically (through blood tests)vfor the rest of my life to ensure that there is no remnant of thyroid cells and hence no thyroid cancer. A metasteses is a spread of cancer. I have a some metasteses in my lymph nodes which is why I was a good candidate for the radiation.


Isolation by The Mighty Boosh Milky Joe & The Coconuts song

I love this British show!


Little Roy - Tribal War - Reggae

This song is in my head too. Although I want the radiation to kill the cancer in my body, I want "the war" in my body to be over so there can be harmony and balance.


Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack ft. Sean Garrett

The radioactive iodine is launching a massive attack on my thyroid cancer cells.


Janelle Monae - Cold War [Official Music Video]

I am listening to my new Janelle Monae CD and heard this song. So fitting for how I feel right now.


Mighty Gabby - Doctor Cassandra - Soca Music

Um... I don't think this song is about medical treatment.


Michigan & Smiley ~ Diseases

This is a dancehall classic. Old Testament theology. It's easy to forget that this song is singing about God cursing people with diseases when you're dancing to this in a nightclub.


Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine

Hey! I was a child of the eighties and this song is so fitting today.


The Mighty Boosh Isolation song
My Isolation starts tomorrow. Howard Moon in one of his introspective moods. This song has been in my head for days.