Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Results, finally!!!

My very cool radiologist both phoned me and e-mailed me yesterday.

This is what she said in the phone message (aside from a few minor edits):

Your scan was reported quite a few days ago, the day you came in to have the extra pictures. Everything looked fine... There was a little focus of activity in the neck where the thyroid gland was. That we see basically all the time after anyone had surgery. It's very difficult for the surgeon to get every last bit of thyroid tissue out. There is almost always something left in the neck. That is really why we give you that therapy dose. It could be normal thyroid tissue or thyroid tumour. The fact that we give you 100 miC should treat that, kill that. And there is nothing nowhere else. Probably what endo #4 will do again will check you with a tiny bit of iodine in the year.

Then Endo #4 called me today. This is what he said (again with minor edits):

So there reveals that there is some uptake (activity) in the neck and this is normal. The presence of any remaining thyroid cancer will be revealed by follow-up blood test results. We usually wait a year to give the iodine treatment again depending on the blood test, depending on what the blood test results reveal. You probably wouldn’t receive iodine soon again since you are not in a high-risk group.

Wonderful news! I'm celebrating!!!!

But both of them said they have heard nothing about this mysterious symptom I have been having-- NOSE SORES!!! Yes. The grossest nose ailment known to man. It's funny since I have looked it up on the internet and others have claimed to get this after radiation (albeit, very rare). The thyroid cancer online support group I wrote to had very few who claimed to have nose dryness, but no actual nose sores. (These bloody scabs growing in my nose which are uncomfortable and tight.) Apparently, these too should go away with time. One person said a year.


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Silverlupus said...

Yeah! Hopefully the blood tests will help show everything is going back to normal. And I've heard of people having lots of nasal issues with radiation and different drugs while on treatment. Be a good idea to talk to a pharmacist about all your drugs and supplements so they can tell u if there's any interactions on file. *hugz*