Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rocky Harbour Retreat Highlights

I was a little bit skeptical about this at the beginning. The confidence that I had coming to the retreat melted away and all the fears came that first night. I began to wonder if I should even be there. Besides I have thyroid cancer (aka the best cancer). I didn't know if mine was serious enough to come to a cancer retreat. (LIES!) Other participants at the retreat were told that they had the best cancer too. And there were still others who thought they did not have it as bad as the next person. But what I learned was that CANCER is CANCER. We all have been impacted by our diagnosis in some way. There was a lot of sharing, small groups, and fun times. We ate really well and this was the first vegan outing I ever had. (By the way, I developed some vegan survival skills.) I have not cried so much since my diagnosis as I did that weekend nor have I laughed so much. I CANCERvivors really know how to have fun. We had a talent show. (A sense of humour is absolutely necessary when you have cancer.) And when I needed to take a nap or a break, it was TOTALLY okay. Everyone understood why. I came to this retreat, a little concerned, worried, and not sure how I was going to be (feel). I go home feeling more clearheaded, prepared, and with new friends! (I posted some photos of the friends I made. Others were not posted if I did not get to ask for their permission.)

Ray and I.

Hiking to the lookout.

Doing a little karaoke. Since the operation, my singing voice is still a bit mashed. (I sing in a lower register now and there are some notes I can't reach.) So I was a little self-conscious to say the least. However the participants were very encouraging and some also had voice changes as a result of their treatments. It was such a forgiving audience. I sang "Groove is in the Heart" by Dee-Lite and "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin.

Getting ready for the Polar Bear Dip.

The brave 'uns- Josh and Mikey.

Amy and I met at the airport that first night in Deer Lake and cabbed it to the motel. I know so many Amys.

Steph, my roommate, and I.

Steph, me, and Joey.

Those are really my feet. Proof that I was really there at Gros Morne Park.

More proof.

Robin, Joey, and I shared this wonderful view.

Below that edge was huge drop off cliff. I made sure that I stayed safely back.

Enjoying the fresh cool air.

I was really there.

One of Rocky Harbour's cemeteries.

Heading back...

In this beautiful place, there were so many for sale signs.

Last Gros Morne sunset.

Me, Julie, and Josh-- the three musketeers.

Tamarah, my Haitian sister, and I. We were so happy that we were not the only Black girls in Newfoundland that weekend. (LOL)

I took a leap of faith to come here.

Bye Gros Morne.

The golden coach awaits.

The trip back to Deer Lake.

More beautiful sights.

My one and only moose sighting during the whole trip. Poor thing got scared and ran away.

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