Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue Butterfly Photos

Yesterday, during my art therapy group, one participant told me about the film "The Blue Butterfly" or "Le papillon bleu", a Quebecois film. The film is about a boy who has leukemia who dreams about seeing the rare blue butterfly in Costa Rica. The butterfly is supposed to magical and the boy hopes it will cure his cancer. I wish to see the real thing one day but, in the meantime, I have a lot of blue butterflies around me.

(Butterflies also symbolize rebirth and regeneration as well as the shape of the thyroid.)

The real Costa Rican butterfly

I made this blue butterfly when I was in Newfoundland a few weeks ago. It got a little crumpled during the travel but still survived.

This Kleenex box was in my room during my four-day radiation isolation. Originally, I bought the Kleenex because the box is blue and it would match the bedroom it was meant for. But I did not even realize it until after my isolation that this box too had blue butterflies.

This is a special blue butterfly. If you look really closely, the word F R I E N D is written on one of the butterfly's wings. I bought this necklace as part of a pair when I was at a gift shop in Newfoundland. I gave my youngest sister the other necklace (B E S T). We both share a special bond. The other reason is we both have had to overcome health challenges over the last two years. (We also both want to get butterfly tatoos.)

A few nights ago, I saw this blue butterfly light on my next door neighbour's porch. I had to take a photo.

We have been having so many rainy days lately in Toronto and I decided to buy my very first pair of rainy day boots, aka galoshes. So when I saw these ones with the blue butterflies on them, I knew I found the right pair.

Although this is not a blue butterfly (obviously), I wanted to show off my little piece of Newfoundland (and Labrador). This stone is called a Labradorite or calcium sodium aluminum silicate. Although it could be found in other parts of the world too, I wear it daily so I could remember the peace, tranquility, and natural settings of Newfoundland. When I saw this ring in the gift shop, rough and unpolished, it stood out from the others. It looked edgy and I knew my fiance would like it, so I knew this was the ring to choose. (Thankfully the shopkeeper gave me a good deal.)

Okay, it's not blue but it is a butterfly. This lovely card was signed by the students from my class. Very, very special indeed.

This was a beautiful blue butterfly pendant worn by a participant at the Thyroid Cancer Canada Patients' Forum on May 28, 2011.

I saw this beautiful poster at Sheena's Place, a centre offering hope and support for people with eating disorders, during their annual Expressive Arts show. But if you look real closely at the right foot...

You'll see a blue butterfly.

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