Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting for Whole Body Scan Results Playlist #5

Estelle feat. Will-I-Am-Wait A Minute(Just A Touch)

Although this is not my favourite Estelle song (try the house-inspire throwback "American Boy" and the sexy lover's rock vibes of "Come Over"), it is about waiting. (And also very difficult to load on to this blog, I might add. So you can watch the actual music video here. But it sounds like she penned the songs with the same mindset as Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait A While". Basically, "No matter how cute you are. You ain't gettin' any." Check out the dude's expression at the end. Shame! Dry! (As we'd say in Toronto.) Love my Black Brits! (You'll know what I mean with tomorrow's playlist tune.)

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