Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Soul II Soul - Back To Life

This song title could not be more fitting. (Soul II Soul sang it right in 1989.) I arrived late last night in Toronto. Christina and her mom dropped me home. (So sweet.) We had a lovely day yesterday in St. John's. (Again, I promise to post the photos today.) This morning, I did my meditation but I am feeling really tired but the reality is there was still stuff to figure out. I went to an appeal hearing this morning for my sick benefits, then I went to the government office to follow-up on paper work for sick benefits, and now I'm home making phone calls, e-mails, eating lunch. Sometimes my healing recovery feels like a job as I make it to all my appointments, cooperate with the forms and paperwork, as well as phone calls, supporting documents, etc. etc. The nice thing is although I'm exhausted, I feel like I can handle things one... at... a... time. My lengthy to-do list is slowly getting complete. Also, I'm making sure that I give myself breathing room (for naps and to just catch my breath and sit). Even if I had to cancel the art therapy session today, it's okay. I will be going to the Writing Healing group though. The blue-grey Labradorite ring that I purchased in St. John's yesterday is a physical reminder that I can take the peacefulness of Newfoundland with me.

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