Friday, May 6, 2011


I had this song running through my head as I was at the civic offices trying to get my driver's license "unsuspended". Thankfully, my mother-in-law-to-be gave me a ride there. I stood in a long line up for the information booth where the woman there directs you to where you need to go. She asked me to show her all of my papers, which I did. This was meanwhile there was some dude a few spots behind me complaining about how long it was taking and how I should go into the room and take a number like everyone else. He was talking to his friend and saying something like "this is not no counseling session". I got angry and told him that she has asked me to show her my papers. Then he had the nerve to say well she shouldn't and something about me keeping my mouth shut. That nearly pissed me off. Usually I do not say anything to a jack*&# like that but I couldn't stay quiet. I finished my paper work with the woman and she gave me a number. I called to the guy and said, "His comments were so unnecessary."

What amazed me is the fact that this guy could just mouth off in the line about a situation that was not my fault. I was co-operating by giving the paperwork. Second, everyone else stood in the long line quietly while he thought he was "too good" for this situation and no one challenged him about it. (Well, maybe being in a municipal courthouse had something to do with it.) I was happy with how I handled it though. Normally, I would try to ignore the fool (but fume about the situation inside), but those days are over.

Eventually a woman came over to me and said, "What an ass(*#$, eh!" I agreed. "He was probably upset about something else that had nothing to do with you," she said. That was the truth. I felt better because I tried to stand up for myself. Albeit, my voice sounded very wavering to me and hoarse.

So after all of that and speaking with different folks in the civic offices/courthouse, filling out forms, and advocating on my behalf, I finally saw some justice. I would not have to pay the $ 150 driver's license reinstatement fee. My $ 120 driving ticket fee that I had mailed in a few weeks ago would be sufficient. And my traffic court date was re-scheduled until December due to missing my first court appearance due to my cancer treatment. My license would be reinstated within a few days.

Got to love this country.

I went home and took a nap.

I've got my Whole Body Scan scheduled for tomorrow.

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