Waiting for Whole Body Scan Results Playlist


Jennifer Lopez Waiting For Tonight

You know I've lost it when I pull out the J-Lo. Okay... well she isn't my favourite singer but there was a time when "I'm Real" was my tune. Anyway, I'm still waiting. Hopefully I will find out today and not tonight (or later).


Seal - Don´t Make Me Wait - Paris - Legenda em Portugu√™s

I chose this song from Seal's self-titled album Seal IV released in 2003. I love that chocolate smooth voice and I was probably the only Seal fan in my high school. (I loved Seal before Heidi Klum and the "Kiss from A Rose". Even before "Prayer for the Dying" and "Newborn Friend" in 1994. I'm talking about "Crazy" Seal in 1991 and "Killer" Seal in 1990 or rather Adamski.) I love Seal for his angsty and brooding tunes and really identified with him. He seemed like a loner, he always wore black, and I thought he was sexy and his facial scars only added to his appeal. Plus he is a Black Brit (like Estelle, read #5 on my playlist) so he has a cool accent. And he seemed unique: a black man playing acoustic guitar tunes heard on Seal (released in 1994, my first Seal album or cassette tape, rather). (Well, there were other famous Black male guitarists. Bob Marley... I can't think of any more but I know there are more... NOTE: My fiance laughs at me when I read this to him because he says there are so many like BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Lenny Kravitz, George Benson, Ernest Ranglin,... the list goes on and I know each of these artists. I feel like a dolt. LOL.) I even had an outfit that my sister nicknamed my "Seal outfit" which was black leather pants and a fitted black shirt with white pinstripes and buttons.

"Don't Make Me Wait" seemed so fitting. I love the blue lighting in this live Paris performance and the simplicity of the piano (played in deep jazzy chords) is delicious. I am tired of waiting and it won't be until tomorrow (at the earliest) to get my results. I will call my endo #4 back and if I don't speak with him, I am e-mailing/calling the radiologist at the hospital. (She seemed pretty cool.) Here are some lyrics from this tune that really spoke to me:

Are we tired of feeling blue...
Don't make me wait long
Sounds like a sad song of mine...

Okay, the rest of the lyrics don't really apply because it's talking about a relationship but which song doesn't. Interesting that he first line of this song is "Are we tired of feeling blue" It's very similar to his other song that I almost picked for this playlist released on the same album (Seal IV) called "Waiting for you":

Everyday, a shade of blue
You won't believe
What I'm going through
It just feels like I can't afford to let myself go
No, oohooo no...

Well, I love blue. It's my favourite colour and his been used to signify everything from sadness and depression to creativity to children to wealth to peacefulness to water. And I guess blue can be all of these things put together.

On another note, I have been finding a lot of blue butterflies around me. I have been photographing them and will post them soon.


Estelle feat. Will-I-Am-Wait A Minute(Just A Touch)

Although this is not my favourite Estelle song (try the house-inspire throwback "American Boy" and the sexy lover's rock vibes of "Come Over"), it is about waiting. (And also very difficult to load on to this blog, I might add. So you can watch the actual music video here. But it sounds like she penned the songs with the same mindset as Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait A While". Basically, "No matter how cute you are. You ain't gettin' any." Check out the dude's expression at the end. Shame! Dry! (As we'd say in Toronto.) Love my Black Brits! (You'll know what I mean with tomorrow's playlist tune.)


Janet Jackson Let's Wait A While

I loved this song when it came out in 1987 but I was only about 9 years old and did not quite understand "what" they were waiting for. I know they filmed this video in this kind of Film Noir style but it is extremely depressing. Why does Janet Jackson look so glum? Even more sad than the dude in the video who isn't getting any? She's obviously suffering over this one. Or maybe she is suffering from waiting the while or from telling her guy to wait a while. In the end, I guess she really did stick to "waiting a while" because 7 years later when she released the janet. album she changed her tune to "Any Time, Any Place". 7 years! Nevertheless, "Let's Wait A While" is a pretty song and has a good message-- SLOW DOWN. But who says waiting is easy? Definitely not for these "Whole Body Scan" results. It's already been 5 days! I called my endo yesterday and I have not heard anything. They said it should take 3-5 business days and I had my second scan done last Monday. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days! SIGH! I'm "Waiting to Exhale". That's you and me, Janet.


Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain

I wonder what Bob Marley would have thought about this video.


Hi-Five - I Can't Wait Another Minute - Music Video (1991)

In this installment of the playlist, as I await my whole body scan results, I'm bringing back the tunes of my yout'. This was my favourite song by the short-lived 1990's boys R&B-group, Hi-Five. I'm sure that this song serenaded a few high schoolers into doing things they should wait for. (HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS: You can wait another minute!) And now in my 33rd year, I'm like, "What are these kids singing about? They're only 13!!!" Anyway, I didn't think that way when I was in grade 9. Don't you love how the deeply, heart-wrenching, sentimental lyrics have nothing to do with the sacchrinely sweet, happy-go-lucky music video?


Delroy Wilson - I'm Still Waiting

I had to dig through my dad's record collection for this classic, originally recorded by Bob Marley and the Wailers. For the next few days, as I await my results from my whole body scan, I will play my favourite songs about waiting. This one is the first one. I clearly remember hearing my dad play this one when I was a child.

In the meantime, this week I'm focusing on my healing as I attended and will attend a Reiki session, naturopathic appointment, and such therapeutic workshops on the healing journey, art, and writing. Good News: My engagement ring fits my finger again and I can actually turn it. Two weeks ago, my engagement ring did not fit at all (since either I gained weight or I was bloated from "going hypo" or both) and I was wearing it on my pink or above the knuckle on my ring finger. I met an older thyroid cancer survivor at my group today. Bad News: My sick benefits appeal was dismissed.