Saturday, September 22, 2012

E-mails to Blue Butterfly #6

I love getting fanmail. I am not loving the new layout and format of this blog. Love your blog Blue Butterfly. I stayed up last night reading it. You are a wonderful writer, thank your for capturing your experience with thyroid cancer for others to read as they navigate this disease. Great stuff! I hope you are currently well. I haven't finished reading everything. My fingers are crossed that all turned out well for you. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last December and have had two surgeries. No metastases but too many microcarcinomas in the organ so it was fully removed and in the coming weeks I'm goign to do radiation ablation. Right now just doing the tango with the insurance company over thyrogen and authorization etc. I live in metro NYC. Anyways, hope you are well and healthy and keep up the writing, you have a wonderful gift there. All the best

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