Friday, April 8, 2011

Funky Sexy Cancer

Girl gets cancer. Girl is dissatisfied with diagnosis and the fact there is no known cause to cancer. Girl seeks answers. Girl reads books. Girl has awakening. Girl changes diet (becomes vegan). Girl focuses on healing journey. Girl does more yoga, meditates more, and looks to food as medecine. Girl reaches out and meets other cancer warriors. Girl turns to alternative medicine treatments. This is my story.

But then I was surfing the net and learned about Crazy Sexy Diet. I go to visit a website called Crazy, Sexy, Cancer and I learn about Kris Carr. Her journey sounds a lot like my journey. ALOT like my journey.

I stop feeling quite so original.

But then I remember TLC's album "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" released in 1994. And I realize that Kris Carr is not quite so original after all.


compalena said...

You always need a little TLC for yourself...nice blog Nadia. It got me thinking about healing foods and the importance of self-care and centering oneself spiritually. I'm inspired...will call you soon!


Kris H. said...

I always fixate on the weirder parts of posts, but huy, veganism. I'm a vegetarian myself, and I think the draw is I love my vanilla ice cream!