Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let's Go Hypo

Woke up this morning, feeling like crap! I looked outside. It looks like crap. It's dark and cloudy and rainy. My fiance told me on his way out the door rushing to work that one of the cats peed on some stuff on the floor. So my two lessons came this morning (these would be # 8 and 9 on my Lessons that Cancer Taught me list...). But cancer did not actually teach me these lessons. But I did learn:
#8 Keep it Clean (my cats tend to pee on stuff when their litter box has not been changed in a few days)
and #9 Do not put off what needs to be done today.

Both which I guess are important to practice.

So I dragged my body out of bed and began to clean the cat litter box, mop the floor, and throw crap out of the house. My mother says that when you're down and the place looks a mess, you feel worse. I hope she's right today.
I did try to nap and couldn't sleep (although I feel like I haven't slept last night). I tried reading again. Not helping. So I've decided to clean with intermittent breaks. Preparing the place for next week when my isolation begins. The cleaner it is, the better I'll feel, I suppose.

This is day 9 of going hypo. Going hypo is when you go completely off your thyroid hormone medication (usually T4 but in my case T3). Plus I'm on the Low Iodine Diet which means I cannot eat anything that contains iodine. On top of eating a vegan diet, it means my food choices are more limited but I'm managing. Iodine is in iodized salt, fish, seafood, egg yolks, meat, tofu, soy products, sea salt, seaweed, most prepared meats and poultry, and a whole host of products which use salt (practically anything in a can and beyond).

This day needs some roots reggae and Prince.

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