Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The calm and the storm

Today I woke up with a little more energy than the day before. I couldn't believe that today finally came-- tonight I would be flying out to Newfoundland to attend a healing retreat. Given that my hair was the hot mess it was, I visited my hairstylist/loctician Glenroy Simmons, aka Blueloc . I hadn't seen Glenroy in about a year. Ever since Strictly Roots closed down and went virtual that is. (You can find Strictly Roots on facebook. I love Glenroy-- he's very skilled at what he does, always knows how to style up my hair, and he's a good friend too. (We played 'Mas in Caribana together in 2009.) So he worked his magic and in no time, PRESTO! My dowdy locs were singing a new tune.

It was such a nice day that I decided to have lunch at Mela Italian Vegetarian Cafe where not only did I eat a scrumptious breaded eggplant panini with herbed tomato sauce and a chocolate macaroon, but I got to practice my Italian. Plus, this place gets extra points. (The chef called me "signorina" which means "young miss".) Click here to see their website.

I decided that I wanted to find some nice silk scarves to brighten my outfit and mood. Glen suggested a few shops in the PATH (Toronto's underground mall). I found a beautiful silk scarf for $ 5.99 at Panache! (I hoped that these were not sweatshop scarves so I decided to make it even I would walk all the way to TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES in the Annex where I knew I could purchase another scarf that would be fairtrade.) I knew that this would be a long walk but it was such a lovely day, 19 degrees Celsius and my first official "Day Out" of Radiation. (Did I say that yesterday?) So I bought a scarf and earrings and a small gift for my mom's birthday (which will double as a Mother's Day gift). You can visit their website at: And this is when my body first caught up to me. I felt tired all of a sudden. Really tired. So the helpful saleswoman/volunteer (that's how this store is run), let me sit down and brought me water. (They even offered tea. That's so sweet.) So I sat down, rested until I felt strong enough to go home.

So you get the idea.

My day started pretty calmly... then I got home.

Oh my gosh! I had so much to do in such a short amount of time. I was to fly out to Newfoundland tonight to attend my healing retreat. I quickly assembled my to-do list and got "to-doing", while making adjustments along the way. Somethings I had to take out (no I couldn't make it to the bank, I'd have to do internet and phone banking and no I'm WAY too LATE AND EXHAUSTED to take the public transit to the airport) and others were MUSTS (I must eat).

I am happy to say that I got the most essential things done. My fiance got home and got into action to help me get some things ready. (I hadn't read the THINGS TO BRING LIST until the last minute so his quick fix of my winter boots was helpful.) And before you know it, I was on a plane to Newfoundland.

Adam (my fiance) and I

Gate 153 to Deer Lake, Nfld

Up, up, and away!!!



Jello said...

sweet post! i havn't read a lot of your previous posts to "really" know what you're going to be doing in NF but i hope you'll enjoy your time there...
sending you lots of love,
(if you still don't know who i am, go to my blog, you'll remember)

Julian said...

Hope you have a good retreat in NF. This is my first time to you blog.