Friday, April 15, 2011


Today has been mostly a hibernation day. I woke up early, early to get to the hospital lab to do what seems like my fiftieth blood test. I'm quite a blood test pro these days. I know my right arm is the best arm and I know not to look (occasionally I'll look if there is no pain.) When I was in the hospital, I was having like four blood tests a day. I would wonder how much blood loss was permitted in a 24-hour-period and how long it might take my borderline anemic body to recover.

Anyway, today for some particular reason, the blood test was painful. My arm burned and I did not know why. It stung when the needle went in and when it came out. Maybe the lack of thyroid hormone causes burning sensations too. Well, there goes another five vials of blood.

When I came home, I went straight to bed and slept another four hours or so.

I found myself feeling tired and sluggish all day, except when I am writing. I find writing this blog to be very energizing. As soon as I stop, I want to go back to sleep.


I'm in touch with my own inner baby bear.

So when I woke up this last time, I ate. I don't feel exactly hungry but I am making myself eat which is good.

I also walked over to the Anne Johnson Station which is the highlight of every Friday for me. This when I get my GOOD FOOD BOX. A box full of organic fruits and veggies from both local farms when possible and some from abroad for only $ 24.

The lady who runs my GOOD FOOD stop is Geraldine, a bright and cheery older nurse who is always so excited to tell me about the contents of the box and the featured vegetable of the week. This week's vegetable is celery. (YICK!) I do not like celery unless it is blended into a juice or cooked into a soup. (It's very good for you though.) I have some celery left over from last time and now I have a new bag. I wonder what I will do cook it this time?


All my very own (well I don't get to keep the box)

Wonder what I'll get this time?

All this fresh organic produce for $ 24, baby!!!

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