Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 3 of Isolation

I wanted to post the video for the song "Love Rollercoaster" by Ohio Players for all of the directions my mood was today. It was sunny and warm (18 degrees Celsius) outside and I sat out on the backporch talking on the phone and eating spinach and oranges. I soaked it all up. I get calls on rotation from my fiance, my mom, my fiance's mom, and my friend Njeri each day sometimes a few times each day each. A call from my dad and one from my little sister. Then there are the phone calls and e-mails that pleasantly surprise me from my cousin who shares that she is pregnant with her ultrasound photos (happy radioactive tears), from a family friend who suffered a personal loss but still found time to e-mail me on the day of the funeral (tears), and friends who I don't hear from every day but who are still "there" experiencing this with me. I also cry and feel sad about the calls that don't come from folks who say they will call but don't. (Then I start to feel pathetic for crying about this.) I am having cravings for salty foods (like the root chips that my fiance left) and meat. (Thank God I made and froze those salty vegan jerk sausages as well as some fake meat cutlets.) I'm so glad that my Low Iodine Diet (LID) ends tomorrow. I miss salt!!! Real salt!!! Not fake salt!!! I want to eat restaurant food! I want ice cream!!!

I also go back on my thyroid hormone tomorrow. Since I will be on Cytomel (T3 which works within 2 weeks) and Eltroxin (T4 which takes 6 weeks to fully work), I may be hyperthyroid for a little while. But I rather be hyper than continue with "hypo hell". If I was still with Endo #1, I would have to continue my LID for another 4 days. But Endo #4 says that I can stop tomorrow. It couldn't come soon enough.

I watched the Karate Kid. So sweet. So violent. So difficult to watch at times. I almost didn't make it through the final fight scene. Jaden Smith is so talented. Also, those kung fu bullies are tough.

Tomorrow will be an Easter to remember for a number of reasons. I'm going to take the cats out of their isolation and let them roam albeit in a different level of the house than me. (Makeda, the clever orange cat, is meowing to me and sticking her paws under the door. We talk through the door. I tell her the isolation will be over soon.) It will also be one more day until my fiance comes back (Easter Monday). Although we can't even hug for another few days afterward, slowly the boundaries will shrink.)

Easter symbolizes new life for many people and personal changes sometimes coincide with the transformation that Christ made 2, 000 years ago. (See the Canadian film, RUDE directed by Clement Virgo which illustrates this perfectly.)

I will definitely be celebrating tomorrow!!!

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