Sunday, April 24, 2011

Radioactive Playlist 9

Find TG
Aside from the fact that these amateurs butchered this song, it is funny if you understand what is Tg. Tg or thyroglobulin is the protein which is synthesized by thyroid cells. If you have a total thyroidectomy (TT or total removal of thyroid gland) and radiation like me, the surgeon and endocrinologist want to make sure as many thyroid cancer cells have been killed as possible. A good Tg result is 0. I will have my Tg levels checked periodically (through blood tests)vfor the rest of my life to ensure that there is no remnant of thyroid cells and hence no thyroid cancer. A metasteses is a spread of cancer. I have a some metasteses in my lymph nodes which is why I was a good candidate for the radiation.

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