Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I decided to start a Vegan restaurant rating as I try different foods during my journey. I thought I could have some fun with it and give deserving businesses some publicity. As a polyglot (a multi-linguist, I speak Jamaican patois, English, French, Spanish, and Italian with varying degrees of fluency), I also know that some things are better said in other languages and sometimes challenging to translate. So I have decided to create a bilingual rating system of the restaurants I have eaten at in both Jamaican English with their approximate translation in Standard English. In addition, once I have figure out how to put tabs on my blog, I will be able to organize these articles much better. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at: bluebutterflyblog33@gmail.com

(Written in Jamaican English with approximate Standard English translation)

>< >< >< >< >< A dis' ya' top of de' line someting (Outstanding)
>< >< >< >< Everyting irie (Good and very good)
>< >< >< Alright still (Just okay)
>< >< C'mon man! You c'yan do better 'den 'dat (Needs improvement)
>< A what de ras'? (Deplorable)

Taste of the food
Look of the food
Environmentally-Responsibility (use of environmentally-friendly practices including reusable utensils and dishware, composting, biodegradable utensils and cookware)
Health Savvy (organic food, do they know a lot about the food or the plant-based foods, intentionality, informative, resourceful)
Hospitality/Warmth (friendliness, service with a smile, my bias is for chatty restaurateurs and chefs, do they like to chat, do they listen to their clients, outgoingness, caring about the customer)
Décor/Vibe (includes a good musical selection, choice of paint, patio, etc.)
Added Perks (if they gave me any free stuff or that something extra for reviewing their restaurant for free, yes I am an opportunist)
Ethical and Community-Minded (are they connected with any larger community? e.g., community info board, Toronto Vegetarian Association, events, etc.)

$40 and up

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