Friday, June 17, 2011

Nature Walking 1

Created by the Father by Dennis Brown

After writing about Mortality, I decided to post something uplifting and inspirational. I have some beautiful photos that I took while spending moments at Edward Gardens in Toronto. This is one of Toronto's most beautiful places. I saw a lot of beauty that day. This song Created by the Father reminds me of being fully appreciative of nature around us.

The goose family.

There are Mama Goose, Papa Goose, and all the baby geese.

Meet the other residents of the park: Ms. Green, the glowworm

Mr. Spiky, the caterpillar

Ms. Kwok, the duck

E Signorina Farfalla (the butterfly)

Lovely flowers

And a waterfall.

1 comment:

Kris H. said...

Aww, Canada geese! I have a love-gate relationship with them after they started hissing at me ever though I was nowhere near their babies.