Friday, June 10, 2011

Vex in the City: Part 2 Veggie Pride Parade

A vegan girl can get vex when there is no food that is edible. So luckily I live in a city where it is not too hard to find vegan food that is... only if you live downtown. If you live in downtown Toronto, or close to it, you pretty much can find anything. (And I do mean anything.) So this Vex in the City installment is not for a restaurant but for two Toronto events that are very vegan friendly.

The first is for Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market. Remember when you were a kid and there were those television shows that show people coming to life and dancing in the streets and you never saw cars. There were shopkeepers and fruitsellers and Bohemians and eccentrics and they all had smiles on their faces. No I'm not talking about the "All Night Long" music video by Lionel Ritchie or Sesame Streets... this happens for real, on the last Sunday of every month from May to October. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day so I can only tell you about the tantalizing treats. I ate some beautiful tasty, vegan, ital baked goods by the two ladies who do Omega Creations. I had a black bean brownie and some other heavenly goodies. If you visit Omega Creations on facebook, you will actually see the table from which I bought the treats. I also visited Hot Beans for some yummy TVP soft-shelled tacos. This was a picture perfect meal but I won't say much here since I review Hot Beans in a later installment of Vex in the City.

The second event I tried to attend was the Toronto Veggie Pride Parade. This was the second annual parade organized by the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Unfortunately, it rained all morning so I got a late start to attend. I met my friends and we decided to go to the end of the parade where we thought we might catch some festivities. However, the parade started late and got sped up as the participants rushed through trying to avoid a second shower. Fortunately, we got to the end meeting point which was at Trinity Church where there was a ton of vegan food and it was free. (I love free.) There were two speakers at this event: Nimisha Raja of Evolving Appetites and David Sztybeld, Ph.D. There were also performances and a raffle. TVA had to reorganize the after-parade events due to the rain. (Some folks had bailed out so they made due.)

Here are some highlights from the Toronto Veggie Pride Parade 2011.

Queen Vegan and I saying cheese. (Daiya, soy, etc.)

Sugar Shakers performing the Charleston.

Taste of Life Organic Vegan Foods – Vegan Jamaican Patties? Hmmm... let me have a taste.

Very mild taste, kind of like lentils and peas. Not spicy, not very Jamaican.

Urban Herbivore's amazing tasty sandwiches. I couldn't tell what the exact ingredients were but these sandwiches were outstanding.

Yummy vegan chocolate cake by sweets from the earth.

I've got my slice of chocolate cake!!!

Mmm... mmm... mmm.

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