Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vex in the City: Part 5 Simon's Wok

>< >< >< >< >< A dis' ya' top of de' line someting (Outstanding)
>< >< >< >< Everyting irie (Good and very good)
>< >< >< Alright still (Just okay)
>< >< C'mon man! You c'yan do better 'den 'dat (Needs improvement)
>< A what de ras'? (Deplorable)

Taste of the food
>< >< >< This rating was a little iffy. The springrolls get 3 butterflies. The main dish I had, the pineapple chicken, deserved >< ><. The rice with the main dish was >< >< ><.
Look of the food
>< >< >< >< The presentation of the food here was okay too. When I saw the food in these photos , I had really high expectations, the food looked outstanding. But in real life, the food looked alright. So I have found a happy medium by giving 4 butterflies.
>< >< >< Reusable cutlery which is nice but the take-out container was styrofoam.
Health Savvy This was a tough one since I did not get into a conversation with the owners so I have chosen not to vote. I did not see any posters or advertisements about the nutritional value or health of veganism.
>< >< >< >< The wait staff seemed very attentive with us. There was one mature waitress who went up and down the stairs constantly bringing new dishes for each person. I wished she had some help because that couldn't have been easy. They must have been inside my head because soon the first waitress was replaced by another younger one. They were very friendly and accomodating and it helped that we had a Chinese/English translator to act as a go-between.
>< >< The decor is pretty sparse. It is clean and tidy but it's not elaborate. Tables are covered with white plastic.
Added Perks Again, I cannot answer this one. I was part of a group so I did not get to ask.
Ethical and Community-Minded Don't know although they are located in Toronto's East Chinatown. (There are 6 Chinatowns in the Greater Toronto Area.) I did not notice a special affiliation.

$0-$10 1 spring roll, 1 serving of plain rice, pineapple "chicken", green tea

I attended my first Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) Meet-up at Simon's Wok. This was my first opportunity to meet with a
group of vegetarians and vegans in a social setting. I sat down with a group of around ten smiling folks at a round table typical of many Chinese restaurants. I have to admit, I felt a little young since I appeared to be the most green (both young as a vegan and in my years) out of the group. Many folks were retirees but that didn't seem to matter. We all had something in common. The love of vegan food and the adventurous spirit required in trying out a new restaurant. So here I sat at Simon's Wok, a little late I must admit. Folks were very friendly. I am sure I was a bit of an anomaly. The only Black person there and with my cherubin face, I was asked if I came from school. Not quite. I am not a university student nor am I teaching in a school at the present time. Nonetheless, folks were as curious about me as I was about them-- a retired couple with grandkids, a yoga instructor, a technical writer... The conversations continued around the table while being interrupted sporadically by the petite middle-aged Chinese woman who ascended and descended the stairs brought up plate after steaming plate of food. One gentleman member who spoke Chinese fluently, translated her announcement of the dish. "Who ordered the eel?" No one claimed this dish or apparently it was thought by the person who ordered it that it would be something else. So many people got to sample this mysterious eel dish. Simon's Wok is definitely shy about drawing comparisons with meat-- meat that is constructed with gluten (wheat protein) and soy (tofu). One could sample eel, shrimp, chicken, scallops, and duck all plant-based. That's right! I was still not convinced so I ordered pineapple chicken which I thought would be safe enough. I've had the real pineapple chicken (that is the meat version) so I thought it would be safe to try the vegan version. Well, it was okay. I wouldn't say it exactly tasted like chicken, but the texture and the chewiness was very similar to chicken. The look also resembled chicken. Nevertheless, the presentation was colourful and they were speedy with the service. And besides, I was there more to meet other vegans than to eat the food. So all in all, Simon's Wok is cheap, quick, and natural. (Ew! That sounds like a little TMI). But it's all good!

Simon's Wok my first TVA Social Meet-Up

Cheap meals are on Simon's.

Green tea and $ 1.50 spring roll.

All this for less than $ 10.

Pineapple chicken

Chinese food meal complete with fortune cookie

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