Friday, June 24, 2011

Vote for My Burrito Bonanza Entry Until June 25th

VOTE FOR MY BURRITO AND BLOG TODAY (until June 25th 11:59 pm Portland time). Portland time is 3 hours behind Toronto and New York time. I need your help so that I may win the last ticket for the VIDA VEGAN CON International vegan blog conference.

How to vote for my burrito
There are two ways to vote:
1) Please visit Epicurious Vegan's facebook page to express your thoughts about my Burrito Bonanza contest entry. Click on the post that says BLUE BUTTERFLY: BURRITO BONANZA.
2) Go to Epicurious Vegan's blog and leave a comment under the posted called THE BURRITO BONANZA SIX.

Thank you for taking the time to show your support.

In my post, you will see that I have included some scanned images of a Cancer Comic Strip I am working on related to the burritos.

I'd really like to attend the VEDA VEGAN CON International Vegan Bloggers Conference for 10 Reasons:
1. Meet other vegans
2. Travel to Oregon and maybe make other stops as well (it's supposed to be beautiful in that region- northwest United States)
3. Learn other vegan recipes
4. Share wisdom
5. Represent Canada
6. Have a cool way to end my summer (Don't you know that winter begins in Canada on September 1st? All joking aside, this is not true. Summer ends in August for teachers like me, though.)
7. Hone my writing craft
8. Represent vegan cancer survivors who became vegan after diagnosis
9. Blog about the experience (so I could share it with you)
10. Explore Portland (and it's mysterious past, there are some famous tunnels under the city)

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