Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day Late and A Vote Short

I just found out today that I can't vote. That sucks! I take pride in civic duty and voting is the least I can do. The advance polls were April 22, 23, and 25 which were all days that I could not be in public spaces due to radiation. (Also don't they have radioactive scanners at the voting stations? I can't remember. Or maybe that's in the U.S.) Also today (by 6pm) is the day I would have had to have all my proof ID and forms received in time for voting by mail. (I didn't have enough time to gather all these before the deadline.) Also, I will still be in Newfoundland at my healing retreat on May 2, 2011 so I can't vote outside my riding. When I called the Elections Canada hotline, they directed me to my local voting office and they said that I could vote today. "What?" I asked. "Vote today?" There was no information on my voting card to indicate this. The guy on the phone said that it was under special circumstances voting on the website. "Unless you can make it here in 12 minutes..." he began. "But, it's probably no use by the time you get here, we'll be closed." (Don't you hate when people say that.) So I won't be able to vote in this federal election. Yeah! That's right. A national election and I don't get to have my say. "At least you get to vote in the provincial election in Ocotber," he retorted. That's not good enough, I thought.

So here I go folks. I'm going to vote here. I know it's supposed to be anonymous and I didn't plan to be political (or partisan) in my blog but I've been forced to vote through my influence on others.

Let's just say that ORANGE and GREEN look very catchy this season. Wink! Wink!

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