Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful People

Barbara Tucker 'Beautiful People'

This morning as I was inviting my facebook friends (all 680 of them) to this blog, I was struck by something. Every person on that list is beautiful. I noticed the profile photos-- people smiling, holding up their children, cherished photos, places they visited... It was all beautiful. I also wondered how certain ones were doing and realized that thanks to facebook, I am connected with so many people but I am disappointed that it is difficult to check in with almost 700 people on a regular basis. But then I realized God knows about each one, about each life, about their drama and joys, and He has the capacity to check in on each one. So then I began to say their names as I clicked on each photo. I also was thankful that I know such a community of people and realized even more that I do not need to deal with my illness alone. So many have already taken the time to share with me their own thyroid stories, best wishes, and prayers-- even one from Croatia. People are beautiful!!! Through my journey, I am learning that more and more and I have had to catch myself more than once, rethinking the intentions or actions of another. When I am wondering why so-and-so did not call, I am realizing that maybe so-and-so has got a lot going on, is going through his or her own s*#t, or just plain doesn't know. Or maybe I can check in on so-and-so. It's that simple and then I move on.

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Jello said...

beautiful post love! just saw your invite on FB... thought I would check it out. ; )
Jello (Cynthia for you....)