Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cancer Survivor Playlist #4

Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying - HQ (Official)

Do you know one thing about Jamaicans that many people don't know? We love country music. When I was in Jamaica, I couldn't tell you how many taxi cab drivers had country blaring from their stereos. You would never expect that given Jamaica is known the world over for reggae music. My discovery of country music happened quite by accident. Years ago, I was sick and for some reason I had the country music station on and I was too sick and tired to change it. I had the country music on for days and got to learn and love these songs about human suffering and triumph and vulnerability. Country music went from disdain to dear in my ears. Country music lyrics are so heartfelt and human and reflect all sorts of experiences.

I chose this song for my playlist since it talks about the kinds of life changes that one man makes after he gets a health scare. It reminds me of how I will continue to live differently since cancer.

WARNING: Get the Kleenex!

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