Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guitar Lesson by the Water

What a dream! I had my first guitar lesson by the ocean. Okay it's not a real ocean. Or even a sea for that matter. This is beautiful Lake Ontario at the Scarborough Bluff's. Pretty convincing, eh?

This is me in my element. Dredlocks. Jamaica t-shirt. Guitar on my back. Makes me miss my reggae bands. The first was a lover's rock one in which I played keyboards and sang back-up and I was the only female instrumentalist in the band. The second band was an all-girls reggae band. Sigh! Miss those days.

My fiance Adam is my instructor.

My guitar on loan.

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Cherie Seldon said...

Learning to play guitar by the lake – cool! Did you learn a lot from your sessions? I hope the environment inspired you to make beautiful music. After all, you’re a creative writer. All you need is a little inspiration to write soulful music. =) Cherie @ HamRockMusic.com