Thursday, January 3, 2013

E-mails to Blue Butterfly #7

I received this e-mail today from a reader in response to The Cancer Survivors Companion book review: Hi Blue Butterfly, I read your blog post [about The Cancer Survivors Companion] and had to respond...I love the honesty, especially about feeling like your cancer "wasn't that bad". I too had similar feelings for the longest time because they told me I had a "good" brain cancer. I feel that the guilt I had associated with having the good one was brought on mostly by doctors telling me that I had nothing to worry about, only recently have I realized that my fears and anxieties are valid, as there is no such thing as good cancer. Anyways I love the blog. Colin This is an excerpt from my response: Thank you so much Colin. I was a little weary about publishing that post because it was sooo raw and is exactly where I am right now. However obviously you connected to it too. Sometimes we just need some permission to grieve about what we've been through and lost. I know I certainly did and I think this book helped me to do that. Give myself permission. Thanks for sharing. Also, may I publish your e-mail? I will not use your name however I like what you said and I think other readers can relate.

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