Friday, May 10, 2013

Raising the Standard

On May 1, I made some goals that I would do for 21 days. Looking now at my past week, I have not been consistent with all of them. In fact, out of the five or six or so I decided to pursue, I have only been consistent with two so far-- blogging daily and running. I haven't done yoga or practiced my instruments for the amount of time that I wanted to. I feel like a bit of a failure however, I realize now that I need to re-assess the situation. First of all, according to ET the Hip Hop Preacher, the Power of 21 does not mean you try to start a number of goals. You focus on one for 21 days and then add the others. So I have decided to modify my goals a bit. This month, or for the next 21 days, I will continue to focus on blogging daily and maintaining my running schedule. I will add the others in the next 21 days and the next and the next. Below, I have posted some video of Anthony Robbins, another motivational speaker, who insists that in order for a goal to be reached, it has to go from a want or a should to a must. Raising your standards creates changes in one's life.

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