Thursday, May 16, 2013

Living Your Art

I watched this video today, inspired by the work and words of Che Kothari. I was reminded of my artist self, my need to create and be creative, and I was saddened. I mourned this "artist" self. I wonder at times, where has it gone? Or if I am honouring this part of myself? I read up about Che and I admire that he is quite an accomplished photographer in his own right. However, in addition to being a remarkable artist, Che is an arts activist and visionary. He founded the Manifesto Festival in addition to a number of initiatives to promote the youth arts and culture and hip hop. I amazed that he not only took his art to help found a movement but his art has been supportive in a number of ways. Often, I think about being an artist and honouring this artist self in my every day life. Sometimes, I wonder, "What if I did things differently?" What if I pursued my art with a fervour as I did my career? What if my art was my career? It is a tension that is a very real one and informs me each day. If we have artistic talents and skills, then should we not be able to economically support ourselves with it?

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