Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Reality

I just got back from my Writing for the Health of It class at the Cancer Support Centre. I don't remember much of the class since I slept through most of it. I was sooooooo tired. At the end of the class, I left and tried to find a different room to nap in. Laying there, I felt soooo embarassed. I have never fallen asleep through such a small, personal class where everyone is sharing their work (and life experiences). I returned to the first room, I apologized to the instructor. She and a participant said that it was okay and commended me for giving my body what it needed. I guess the feeling of embarassment (and lack of control over my tiredness) was too much because then I began to cry. (I'm becoming such a cry baby these days. Darned tears and hormones.) Thankfully, the instructor and participant were very understanding. I dried my tears and came home to have another nap.

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