Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming soon...

While, my MAC is in the shop getting something repaired, I have been counting the days until I get it back. (Thank goodness for my extended warranty.) In the meantime, I have been writing here and there on computers at the library and my fiance's "old" clunky laptop. Nothing is like working with my MAC though... sigh!

In the meantime, as Blue Butterfly approaches almost 40, 000 page views, I thought what a good time to let you know what is coming up on this blog:

- More Vex in the City: Vegan Restaurant Reviews!!! 3 of them for Urban Herbivore in Toronto, Blossom in Manhattan, and Strictly Roots in Harlem

- Meaty's latest adventure

- More Funky Sexy Manifestos (my Survivor Resolutions)

- Tabs to find out about a few of my business enterprises

- A tribute to my late Aunt who inspired me with her cancer journey and life

... and more of my writing adventures

Please stay tuned for more details!