Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meaty's Day Out (In Photos)

Two weeks ago...

I got a second opinion from a dermatologist on whether to inject Meaty with steroids or not. Since Meaty is my keloid thyroidectomy scar, the steroids are supposed to help flatten him out. When I asked my surgeon about this in January, a few days after my surgery, he said that he would not inject it. When I saw my surgeon in June for a follow-up, he said "yes" I could inject Meaty since he was a keloid (which is what I feared in the first place). Injecting Meaty has some risks associated with it including possible indentation and lightening in the area. When I saw the dermatologist, I asked her if I'd need numbing cream or if the injection would hurt. She said not too much. In the end, I decided to go with the dermatologist to give Meaty his injections.


Meaty's on his way to see the dermatologist. He looks ready.

This is the bottle of "poison". This is going to take Meaty down. Check out my grey nail polish. (Had to get that in the shot.)

The syringe awaits for the "lethal" injection. "This won't hurt too much," says the dermatologist. I figure that it could not hurt as much as my fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy that I was told was not going to hurt but did hurt like *&#$. (My FNA was done last November to collect cells from my thyroid gland to check if they were malignant. The FNA revealed both malignant and abnormal cells. No anesthesia was used for my FNA.) Regardless of my past FNA experience, I was still nervous about the injection (especially since Meaty is still sore to the touch). To avoid any side effects, the dermatologist suggested a small area injected. I agree. So I poke myself in my hand with my fingernail so that I could distract myself from the pain of the injection. I held my breath through both injections. And it wasn't that bad.

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Nyaa Parrish said...

I'm so excited to know that you have this blog. I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer back in Macrch if this year, I had a thyroidectomy and now I have a keloid also. About three weeks ago I too went in for a cortisone shot(s) . I received seven injections. I noticed that they were flattened almost instantly , I was very excited until I spoke to my father, he is a retired Army Medic. He told me that he wished I wouldn't have gotten them. He said that the cortisone is just like getting Botox , in other ill be going back to get more sooner than later. Well he was right .. It has worn off and I am noticing the keloid is turning white in the middle and it is sensitive to the touch. I hate it because I thought that it would be a waxy fix, my surgeon told me that this would work and I would not have to continue to return for more injections ... So not true. I wish that I could post a pic for you but not sure how to. I am now looking in to keloid removal. Good luck with the injections I hope it works really well for you

Thanks for listening