Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby You Can Drive My (S)Car

Baby You Can Drive My (S)Car

(To the dermatologist...)

Yes I'm gonna' be a star

(Appointment won't be missed)

Baby You Can Drive My (S)Car

(Away by flattening it)

Cause Baby I love you!!!

(Yes, I love Meaty but I just don't want him to be so prominent. I want people to meet me and not my scar first.)
Adapted from Drive My Car by the Beatles

So I saw the dermatologist on a second follow-up visit to inject Meaty. Meaty started to flatten out in September without lightening so by my October visit, the dermatologist decided to inject him just a few more times. Then it will be time for another visit in November.

Before the visit

After the visit
Post-injection, poor Meaty (my keloided scar)

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