Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vex in the City: Part 13 Honourable Mentions to Restaurants with Vegan Options

I really believe in giving props and thanks were they are due. In this edition of Vex in the City, it's all for the different restaurants, fast food joints, and sushi bars who remember us vegans out there. These businesses have non-meat, non-dairy options without me even having to ask for modifications. Such restaurants are progressive and revolutionary since it does not exclude nor segregate herbivores from omnivores and carnivores. Ladies and gentlemen, whether you eat or not, they've got lots to eat. Why not?

Please check back to this post as I will add other Honourable Mentions to this list.

I present to you my honourable mentions...

Spring Rolls restaurant presents Pan-Asian cuisine at its finest and affordable. One full page of the Spring Rolls menu lists dishes that are completely vegan. The food is always delicious and fresh.
Veggie Spring Rolls

Veggie Pad Thai

This restaurant did not try hard enough with this dish. First, it was too salty and second, some of the rice grains were hard. After the management change at this place, the cuisine has gone downhill. In the early days, you would even get a really handsome dude to make the guacamole from scratch beside your table. This restaurant let it go too far. In my meatier days, I used to adore this menu but there is nothing to bring me back any more. :-(

Sushi Time Japanese Restaurant in the Annex
I love Japanese food, yet I am allergic to fish and vegan. Not a challenge for these folks. I think this is the name of this restaurant. Nonetheless, I usually don't have a problem at Japanese restaurants. They can accomodate my specific needs and usually have meat- and fish-free options.
Miso Soup and Salad

Veggie Gyoza Dumplings

So excited to find out that this place has a Veggie Bento Box

Pizzaiolo serves up a slice of pizza right. They always have at least one vegan flavour on hand. This one is called the Diana (Vegan). It is simply sauce, red peppers, zucchini, and spices. Pizzaiolo calls itself gourmet pizza. I don't know about that since it costs $ 5 for this double slice. However, they do serve up great quality and flavour.

Dim Sum Restaurant in Chinatown East
I am terrible for restaurant names but I will add it when I find it. This place had a few vegan options although it took a lot of questions to the host to translate to the dim sum deliverers and then back. It was quite an adventure. Thank goodness Marla is totally experienced at the dim sum experience. It can be quite intense... lots of choosing, eating, chatting, negotiating with the deliverers.

Frank Restaurant at the Art Gallery of Ontario
I went to this restaurant during Summerlicious which is an event in Toronto by which restaurants offer prix fixes menus for their items. Unfortunately the vegan option meant taking the cheese out of the veggie option. When you have to take out the cheese to make a meal vegan, and then not replace it with anything else, that is not a meal. That's a snack! I enjoyed my "snack" which cost the price of a meal. The only dessert they had was sorbet which melted as I left early from the restaurant and ate it from its container. Hardly filling at all and not worth the $20 I paid.
Barley minus the cheese snack

Watermelon salad minus the cheese snack

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