Wednesday, October 19, 2011

E-mails to Blue Butterfly #2

My Blue Butterfly Blog officially has more readers from the United States than Canada now. This is quite some wonder but it was bound to happen. C'mon! The United States has ten times the population of Canada (although Canada is technically a larger country.) In fact, the population of one state, California, is larger than that of Canada. Speaking of Cali, I received this e-mail on Monday from a reader in California which I hope to share with you.

Dearest Blue, thank you for your blog! I have been fervently sopping it up today, so encouraged and with new eyes on my own personal journey. almost a month ago I had surgery to remove my thyroid; two weeks ago I found out that 2 nodules were follicular cancer. Yesterday, I finally picked up the nerve to start researching the disease and how to best manage my current and future health. First of all, your posts titled "The Best Cancer" are great! It's so bizarre to hear from EVERYONE that your cancer is the best cancer to have. But my sentiments are similar to yours: Isn't cancer...still cancer?? Best or worst? A part of me feels like a fool for having any kind of worry because I know that most likely, I will not die from this cancer and it's the best kind of cancer, unlike breast or lung. Plus, by the time I found out it was cancer, it was already resolved (surgery first) as opposed to how breast cancer patients find out (surgery second). But you are also helping to guide my feet towards the vegan path. I've already been toiling with the idea for well over a year now, having researched the Gerson Therapy diet and heard about the China Study along with any of Russell Simmons writings about food. That Dr. Gupta video with Bill Clinton was phenomenal! I love his mantra, nothing born from a mother, nothing with a face. Pretty compelling piece that was.

Anyway, I just wanted to write, connect with you, let you know how helpful it has been to see someone who looks like me go through something that I'm now experiencing. I'm not reading your entries in order, so how are you doing now? are you a superstar vegan, as suggested by the silverstone book? I saw a review on that book, outside of your own, but you made me want to read it. What was your experience with the RAI? Late last night I came upon the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association (ThyCa) website and their description about what I can and can't do, i.e. the isolation, and it blew me away! plus seeing your own isolation journal. I mean, what am I headed into!! it seems very wild. Would you mind expanding on that experience? was there any pain associated with it? I'm also starting to research the low iodine diet, i.e. entry vegan diet, right?!?

I hope that my email doesn't overwhelm you. I would love to hear back from you with any insight to my questions above. Most importantly, I just want to say thanks for your blog. It's doing just as you intended.

All the best,

My response:

Hi Reader,

It is so wonderful to hear from you. You are my second e-mail from an American reader (and I love it). I've not been to the west coast of the US (yet) but I'd love to visit. You're right! Cancer resources about and by our people are hard to find. Did you know that Hill Harper also had thyroid cancer while filming For Colored Girls? I blog about it. It's the best or worst cancer thing is awful. I'm glad you're reaching out. It took me a while as well to seek the resources and support but it was well worth it.

My RAI... I'm not too sure what else you wish to know. I had no pain during this period. Was there something specific that you wish to know that was not addressed? Please let me know and I will try to expand. The LID diet is not vegan but I had to veganize a few dishes. For example, LID allows meat from a butcher that has not been injected with vegetable stock and/or salt. I am mostly vegan since I do eat desserts that sometimes contain dairy or eggs (on special occasions). However when I shop for home, it is all vegan. I'm not "supervegan". I haven't gone that path yet. :-)

May I share your e-mail with my readers? I think it is very informative and a lot of other people feel/felt the way you do. I will take out your name if you wish.

Good luck on your healing journey. Please feel free to let me know at what stage of your treatment you are.


Blue Butterfly

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