Sunday, July 22, 2012

Funky Sexy Manifestos Update and What's Happening With Me

When I got a facebook post from Lindsay asking me if I was not doing Blue Butterfly any more, I realized that I was neglecting a big part of my writing and healing journey. I know many of you have come to read and love this blog and I had become sidetracked with other areas of my life-- work, wedding plans, social commitments, and all of the above. I cannot believe that almost four months had passed since my last post on March 31 introducing my new blog, My Big Fat Jamaican Wedding. Yikes! I did not intend to stop writing this blog so suddenly but this is exactly what happened. Nonetheless, I will update you on some of what has been going on in my life. First, my fiance and I decided to get married this summer. Given the fact that I my thyroid "lumps" were discovered the very week I got engaged, it seems ironic now that just over two years later I am now getting married which was our original plan. Being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in November 2010 and having surgery, getting treated, and recovering in 2011 took over one year out of our wedding plans. I was skeptical about whether or not the wedding plans could be done in time for summer 2012. We decided to take the plunge. In less than six months, we pulled together a wedding of our dreams. Only thing, it has not happened yet so please stay tuned. Second, my extracurricular activities had increased. I began singing in a choir (which I will share below) and completed my second issue as editor of the Thyroid Cancer Canada newsletter. The second issue was the first issue in which I featured two articles. Please click here to read the web version. Third, work began to take up more space and time. I applied to new teaching jobs and had a number of interviews with no offers. It was report card time as well. Fourth, it is so strange to say but I have not been thinking about cancer lately. In fact, over the last several months, I stopped thinking about thyroid cancer on a daily basis. It was the strangest thing. I know I have to do follow-ups and I will always have Meaty, my surgical scar, sitting on my neck. I know that I am technically in remission and it will be four more years before I can say I'm actually cured. I know now that I have to do a frickin' scan, one that involves taking another dose of radioactive iodine (low dose), days off of work, Thyrogen (yes, the overpriced medication that is not covered by my insurance which will prevent me from "going hypo" this time), and a period of radioactivity. I also know now that thyroid cancer tumours can recur in up to 30% of cases. I even write and am the editor for the Thyroid Cancer Canada newsletter. Yet, I do not think about cancer all that much any more. Weird! Lastly, I accomplished a number of my Funky Sexy Manifestos as well. Here is a list that I am extremely proud of and at some point in the future, I may write more details about each. #3 Do the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse
In March, I did this mostly raw, vegan cleanse. I did not feel any special benefits right away but I did feel a nice boost of energy when I drank those green juices each morning. This diet is expensive! My grocery bills at this time were massive. You have to spend a lot of money purchasing a large volume of organic greens and veggie each week and consume them in time before they decompose. But people, there is a reason why this cleanse is 21 days long. Don't extend it right away! I added two extra weeks to my cleanse and guess what happened? I spent the night in the emergency at my hospital (the whole night into the morning). Our health system is backed up and this was not the only system that was backed up. I had strange pain in my abdomen and severe swelling from my belly to... well... it's embarassing really. When I jumped, I felt like I was wearing a water suit. I was shocked to learn I was slightly dehydrated and severely constipated. The doctors told me to consume a lot of fibre. I was so doubtful but I returned to my regular diet, consumed more bread and fibre, and wouldn't you know, the swelling disappeared within a few days. #37 Visit Little City Farm
I visited and stayed at this beautiful bed and breakfast in Waterloo this week. When I saw Karin Kliewer's face in an Alternatives, an eco-friendly magazine, a face I recognized, I skimmed through an article about Little City Farm. I met Karin more than ten years ago through the Peace Society when I was a student in residence at Conrad Grebel College in Waterloo. I was happy to learn that she had started this bed and breakfast which also is an urban farm. It is largely sustainable, eco-friendly, and peaceful. The house sits on 1/2 an acre of land and features an extension composed of sustainable materials, insulated by hay bale. There are two "grey water" ponds in the backyard which are filled with water from the sinks and bath tubs in the house. Each pond has fish. There is a large herb garden in the back which features edible flowers. Karin uses these to make her own herbal tinctures and products such as soap and organic insect repellant. Also, they have a woodburning pizza oven and chickens. They raise chickens! (I have never held chickens before and these chickens were as gentle as my cats at home.) I spent only one night at this beautiful place and it will definitely not be my last.
#41 Get an African Dress Customized I love wearing African dresses. I only owned one dress but each time I put it on, I felt proud and regal. The dress is made of cotton which fits me so well and the pattern is bright.
So this time, I wanted to get another African dress which just fit me so well. African dresses purchased here in Canada are typically not cheap so you have to save up for it. I decided to purchase mine with the purpose of wearing it at my school gala, an annual fundraising event that is held at a banquet hall. I also decided that I could bring it to wear at an event for my wedding. I selected a dress that was displayed in a local store. They could alter it and adjust it to fit my body. I liked this very much so much that I asked the seamstress to make a matching one for my fiance. In West African traditions, the couple often wears matching clothes, made from the same cloth, to their wedding. Here is the finished result.
#44 Start a Book Club
I started a book club at my school for teachers. There was an enthusiastic response to the club but the attendance began to dip. I decided to wrap up the club and hope to start it again in September. #62 Launch My Wedding Blog
I wrote my first post for My Big Fat Jamaican Wedding on March 31st this year. Writing for this blog is a lot of fun. It gives me an opportunity to share some of my experiences, highs and lows of planning my destination wedding in Jamaica. I also get an opportunity to write about Jamaica and my Jamaican heritage. I try to post each week, whenever I am able, and have been more consistent than not. Please visit my blog.
#77 Go 80/20 Raw
Okay, I tried my best. I did this with the Crazy Sexy Diet but it is a lifestyle I am finding a challenge to maintain. #78 Get a Massage What can I say? Very nice. I had to do it twice.


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