Friday, February 3, 2012

Adios Endo #4, Ola Endo #5

I have a new endocrinologist who I will call Endo #5. What do you get when you add a Snoop Dogg video with a Chanel No. 5 commercial?

WARNING: This is not the radio version. This video contains explicit lyrics

Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg
There is a lyric in the song about smoking endo. Although endo is a slang reference for marijuana, this is not what I am referring to here. I am referring to an endocrinologist but if I really meant actually "smoking an endo", I would definitely end up in jail and need to get endo #6. (Smoking also refers to shooting with a gun.)


Chanel No. 5 Commercial


Endo #5

Okay, okay not quite.

I said a quiet goodbye to my Endo #4 in December. He asked why and I told him that the new Endo #5 has a specialty in dealing with Thyroid Cancer. I thought I would hurt Endo #4's feelings. Instead Endo #4 knew Endo #5 and seemed pleased. (I guess the Endo community is pretty small.) What I didn't tell Endo #4 is that Endo #5 is highly recommended by another thy'ca survivor, takes my questions seriously, and well-researched.

So I went to see Endo #5 this week for the first time. The first appointment was long (more than one hour long). Endo #5 is very meticulous and had an intern who between the two of them asked me several questions and wrote up a summary about me. (Endo #4 did not do that for me even when I was transferred to his care days before my radiation.) Since I switched my dose of Synthroid to .112, Endo #5 recommended another two blood tests-- one in April and one the same day, which would have been my third bloodtest in January. Endo #5 was also the one who told me that my surgery pathology results were amended (which meant that the report was revised) since she ordered a copy for herself. Endo #5 told me that my parathyroid glands are probably a little faulty so I got to take Vitamin D on a regular basis. Endo #5 also said I needed a neck scan and also a scanning dose of iodine when Thyrogen is available. I like Endo #5 who is thorough, listens and values my questions, and gains my confidence. Endo #5 is much easier to talk to than Endo #4. Since my relationship with my Endo will be a lifelong one, we got to be a team!!! That shit gotta' be tight. (I've been reading a lot of urban young adult lit lately.)

Now Endo #5 is part of my healthcare team which consists of:
- an endocrinologist
- a counsellor
- an optometrist
- a dermatologist
- a podiatrist
- a dentist
- an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat surgeon)
- a naturopath
- an acupuncturist
- a medical doctor
- a radiologist
- an allergist

Do my hairstylist and mani-/pedicurists count too?

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