Tuesday, February 7, 2012

E-mails to Blue Butterfly #5

I was really excited to receive this touching e-mail from Xavier in Barcelona, Spain-- one of the world's most beautiful and old cities. I am amazed that this Blue Butterfly blog can have such an impact across languages and the globe.

Hello Mrs. Blue butterfly:

OK, at first, excuse me for my very poor English. So, I'm sorry, I would like to explain my ideas better than I'll do.

My name is Xavier, I'm 33 years old and I'm from Barcelona (Spain). Actually I'm working in some many different ways like playing music in pubs (I'm guitar player), writing and explaining my ideas for a local radio called RAC1 (www.rac1.org) and recording jingles (commercials) and audiobooks. This last job about recording book is the reason because I meet your blog (I'm recording the Lance Armstrong's book 'It's not about the bike' so, when I tried to get some pictures about him, I discovered your blog).

Tonight I had read your blog it and I had very good feelings. To read how a woman that is as younger as me is figthing against cancer is a very impressive experience. Readed it made me think about how I could feel if I discovered me in the same trouble, and I don't know if I could be strong and optimist as you were. So, congratulations and really thank you. To find people like you always is a very good reason to smile and keep fighting when the things are not as well as we want.

My best regards, blue butterfly, and thanks for share your experiences.

Kisses from Barcelona,


Ola Xavier,

Pienso que tu espanol es mejor que mi ingles. Me quiero visitar en Barcelona un dia. Mis amigos me digan Barcelona es muy bonita y vieja. Thank you so much for your e-mail. (I love letters from my readers.) I see that you have many hobbies. I am glad that you gained a lot from reading my blog. My reason for creating this blog is to be an information resource and inspire others about my journey. May I publish your letter on the Blue Butterfly blog to share with readers? If yes, may I publish your first name, Xavier?

Thank you. I think as young people, we are often not confronted with an illness like cancer but I think as human beings, we always learn to adapt to our circumstances. I am glad that you have been inspired by my journey.


Blue Butterfly

By the way, he said, "Yes".

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