Tuesday, August 9, 2011


WANTED: More Real Stories About Thyroid Cancer and Thyroid-Related Illnesses

Calling all Thyroid Cancer Survivors, Patients, and Thyroid-Related Illnesses!!!!

Do you have a Butterfly Tale? Of course you do!

I am looking for more Butterfly Tales to add to my blog. Also click there to read examples of Butterfly Tales which have already been submitted.

Being the all-time most popular page, I know that many folks are interested in these personal accounts of thyroid cancer. I know that early on in my diagnosis, I did not know anyone who had thyroid cancer and I found it difficult to access personal experiences with thyroid cancer. I created this page so that no other thyroid cancer patient should experience that form of isolation.

In addition, by posting our Butterfly Tales, I hope to shatter the fear, stigma, and invisibility attached to thyroid cancer. So many people feel that they need to keep their diagnosis secret because they are afraid. Although this disease is the fastest growing cancer and the most commonly occuring cancer in young women, very few of us actually know someone with thyroid cancer. Plus, often people trivialize thyroid cancer as being "the best" or "the good cancer" hence dismissing the impact of this diagnosis and side effects on one's life.

I welcome submissions from folks with thyroid conditions too! These include Grave's disease, Hashimoto's disease, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and goiter. The reason? Sometimes thyroid cancer patients experience at least one of these conditions as well. Plus, we all have wisdom to share about dealing with our endocrinologists.

How do you submit a Butterfly Tale? Thought you'd never ask.

1) Think of the name you wish to use for submission. You select your preferred name. It does not need to be your real name. You can make it as anonymous, fantastical, or as real as possible. Keep it tasteful.

2) Select a recent photograph of yourself which will post easily. If you wish to have a photo accompany your post, please submit it. If you don't wish to have a photo of yourself, you don't have to.

3) Answer these questions.
Name (first name only, nickname, or alias)
Current Age
Thyroid Cancer/Condition
Age when diagnosed with Thyroid cancer/condition/Disease
Did you know much about your thyroid condition/disease before your diagnosis?
How did you discover your condition? (e.g., felt lump, was sick, doctor's visit)
Were there any clues about your thyroid cancer/condition before the diagnosis?
How did you first feel when you were first diagnosed?
How did your loved ones react when you told them?
How was your condition treated? (e.g., surgery, medication) Were there complications?
Do you take medication for this condition? If yes, which ones?
What side-effects did you experience from your treatments?
Do you use alternative medication/treatments? If yes, which ones? (e.g., homeopathics)
What helped you to cope with your thyroid cancer/disease/illness? (e.g., television, yoga, staying busy)
Did you join any support groups or get information from associations? If yes, which ones? How did you learn about them?
Do thyroid cancer/diseases run in your family?
How has your thyroid cancer/condition impacted/changed your life?
What was the most challenging thing about your thyroid condition/cancer?
What have you learned from your experience with your thyroid cancer/condition/disease that you can share/teach others?
What is the latest update on your illness now?

4) Send your Butterfly Tale and photo.
You may send your Butterfly Tale in one of two ways. First, you can send it as a comment to this post or you can e-mail it to: bluebutterflyblog33@gmail.com If sending a photo, please submit it through e-mail.

Thank you for helping people everywhere!!!

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