Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Want A New Drug

Huey Lewis and The News - I Want A New Drug

"I want a new drug, one that won't make me sick. One that won't make me sick. One that won't make me crash my car. Or make me feel three feet thick."

They don't write them like they did in the '80s, eh? Did Huey Lewis go hypo? How does he know all of this stuff? Was he forbidden to drive and feeling lethargic and depressed, too?

"One that won't make me nervous, wonderin' what to do?"

Was he also hyperthyroid because his T4 was high from the dose of Eltroxin causing heart palpitations and some anxiety?

Being a child of the '80s as I am (and growing up in Canada), I thought of this song by Huey Lewis and the News. I decided to begin my .125 Synthroid today. My Endo #4 confirmed what I knew for the last month and a half (confirmed by my general physician too) that I am hyperthyroid. My TSH is way too low causing my T4 level to be too high. I have been hyperthyroid for at least two months now (my second time). This hyperthyroidity left me feeling pretty normal and very energetic (this has been welcome in the area of exercise, writing, and starting new things) except for a heartbeat which speeds up a lot more easily than ever whether it be from exercise or a stressful situation, I found myself feeling anxious and then it would disappear. My Endo #4 said that I should finish my bottle of .175 Eltroxin before switching to the new lower dose. I thought about this and the horror of the side effects that may eventually result from a medication switch when I return in September. I really wanted to avoid this... so I decided to make the switch while I am not working. (It turns out my general physician totally agreed.) So today, I took my first .125 Synthroid.

First of all, let me tell you first that Synthroid and Eltroxin, as I learned yesterday, are brand names for the same hormone, levothyroxine (T4). T4 and T3 are produced by the thyroid gland. Since I had a thyroidectomy, I do not have a thyroid gland anymore so I have to take the hormone in pill form. So throughout most of the day, I felt pretty normal but the fatigue came on earlier than expected.

Having awaken at 9:30am this morning, I started feeling tired again at 8pm. Maybe the fact that I missed my nap has something to do with it Maybe not. We'll see.

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