Friday, December 30, 2011

Blue Butterfly Best of 2011

I have been noticing a lot of BEST OF 2011 everywhere I go so I decided that I should do a "Best Of..." for this blog based on the Stats for the most popular posts from you my readers. The BEST OF... posts listed below had the highest number of pageviews based on the statistics pages of my blog.

Now ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the BLUE BUTTERFLY BEST OF 2011 (based on what you like to read most).

10. Butterfly Tales

9. Blue Butterfly Photos

8. Thyroid Cancer Patient Forum June 14

7. A Tribute to Jack Layton

6. Sofia Vergara Talks about her Thyroid Cancer

5. Wellspring Thyroid Patients' Forum June 14

4. Why Did I Get Thyroid Cancer?

3. Funky Sexy Vegan (Vegan Photo Album 3)

2. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Butterfly Tales

And the BLUE BUTTERFLY for the MOST POPULAR POST goes to... (drum roll please)
1. Funky Sexy Manifesto #2 Visit a Nude Beach

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